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Quick Response

A townhouse condominium in Newmarket experienced a serious water main leak on a Friday evening of the August long weekend. FPMI had workers on site immediately to control the flooding resulting from the leak, and a crew had the leak repaired by Saturday afternoon. This prompt response ensured a minimum period for residents without water and minimized the damage that would have been caused by the flow from the leak.

A similar water leak at a townhouse condominium complex in Aurora on the Saturday of the 2018 Labour day weekend resulted in an equally prompt response from the FPMI team with the leak repaired and water supply restored to residents within 24 hours.

Cost Saving

Example 1

When first hired as property manager for the East Street townhouse condominiums in Sutton, FPMI staff identified what appeared to be excessive water charges from the bulk water meter. Further analysis by FPMI technical staff concluded a fault with the Town bulk meter. Following replacement of the meter by the Town, the water charges were reduced by more than 50%. This reduction resulted in a cost saving to the Condominium Corporation of some $12,000 per year.

Example 2

A restaurant owner in one of our commercial condominiums was experiencing high water usage/cost. Our Manager of Operations conducted a plumbing system audit and his recommended modifications resulted in a direct saving of $200 per month for the owner.

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