Feherty Property Management

Feherty Property Management has extensive experience in providing management, administration and technical services to commercial and residential properties.

Feherty Property Management has been recognised by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario for “The provision of superior quality management service to condominium corporations.”


We place an emphasis on engaging local, reliable service contractors at competitive prices and monitor their performance through regular inspections.


Provide internet opportunities for owners to interact with the Property Manager allowing owners to raise questions, concerns and issues that will be addressed with the Board in a timely, respectful and proactive manner

CAO Requirements

Create and submit CAO periodic updates, certificates and other required reporting documents. Create and send owners status certificates after the certificate fee has been paid

Budgets and Financials

Prepare a plan and identify opportunities to maximize income within legislated parameters for the Corporation’s investable assets and to ensure sufficient cash is available for planned future requirements

Manage the Physical Property

Ensure that proper insurance coverage is in effect at all times including but not limited to property, directors and officers liability, WSIB and trade and contractors insurance.

I called Feherty Property Management to ask if my company can handle their indoor and outdoor maintenance (janitorial needs) for their properties. And I spoke with someone that managed those issues. I was taken aback with how professional that rep was on the phone with me and I’ve seen their properties and was amazed..I know I’m coming from a different perspective, but Feherty Property Management is the BEST company to manage your properties.

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